· By Lindsey Schedler

Sanofi Stories: A Temporary Assignment for a New Perspective


For this edition of Sanofi Stories, I caught up with Kristina H. Desmond, MSPT, Preceptor – US Marketing, Endo-Cardio, Rare Disease at Genzyme. Kristina is part of our Preceptorship Program, where colleagues apply for different positions outside of their day job to gain a new perspective. During the six months, the Preceptors are invited to [...]

 · By Lindsey Schedler

What Have You Done for Your Heart Today?

Jay Edelberg

This post was authored by Jay Edelberg, M.D., Ph.D and Head of the PCSK9 Development & Launch Unit.

Stop now and ask yourself, “What have you done for your heart today?”
Three events to raise visibility of heart health take place in September:  Cholesterol Education Awareness Month; Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Awareness Day, and World Heart Day.  So take [...]

 · By Angela Moskow

Improving the Health of Students to Maximize their Learning Potential: Students Share Their WISH

Partners in patient Health__150

This post was authored by Angela Moskow, Vice President, Chronic Disease Prevention and Wellness, Sanofi US
I recently attended Sanofi’s Partners in Patient Health (PiPH) 2nd Annual Children’s Health Summit: Working to Improve Student Health (WISH). The one-day Summit this summer in Washington D.C. convened more than 45 diverse children’s health stakeholders from education, healthcare, government, [...]