· By Dr. Mike Sokol

Health in Action: Work/Life Balance in the Digital Age

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj/Surgical Technology International

This post was authored by Dr. Mike Sokol, Vice President of Employee Wellness at Sanofi US.
In recognition of Employee Health & Fitness Month, I wanted to share some thoughts on the meaning and importance of work/life balance in today’s digital world.
Finding a healthy work/life balance can be a challenge for those in the workforce. But […]

 · By Sanofi Admin

Start with Family Heart History to Uncover FH

This post was authored by Paul Chew, M.D., Senior Vice President, Group Chief Medical Officer and Head of North America R&D Hub at Sanofi.
On Friday, May 15, the United Nations and people around the world honor “International Day of Families.” The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the social, economic and demographic […]

 · By Lindsey Schedler

Sanofi Stories: In Recognition of Armed Forces Day – Healthcare Meets the Marine Corps

Sean Clements

For this edition of Sanofi Stories, I connected with a communications colleague of mine, Sean Clements, a Director of Communications at Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater, PA. Sean has a unique experience that he applies both to healthcare communications as well as in the Marine Corps. In honor of the men and women who work so […]

 · By Lindsey Schedler

A Veteran’s Perspective on Diversity & Inclusion

Tom Blount

As we near Armed Forces Day, we wanted to share some thoughts from Tom Blount, AVP, Diabetes Marketing at Sanofi and a veteran who has been with us for over 15 years, as he discusses the unique professional skill set that veterans bring to our organization.

To see more Good Morning, Sanofi videos and to learn […]