· By Debboe Fenemore

Here’s to 2013

New Year's Celebration

Photo Credit: Edward Dai/The Epoch Times
As the countdown begins towards New Year’s Eve, I find myself reflecting on all that has happened in 2012, and all that I hope for in the year ahead. When I consider it all, I realize two things. Firstly, that every measure of a successful year corresponds with growth. Secondly, […]

 · By Anne Whitaker

Delivering on Our Promise to Patients: Collaborating for Diabetes and Beyond


In honor of American Diabetes Month, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on diabetes research with readers of PhRMA’s Catalyst blog. In the post below, I was able to discuss the history of the field, the incredible progress that has been made, and our collaborative approach to providing the best possible patient solutions. […]

 · By Eric Racine

A New Frontier of Collaboration to Improve Patient Health

Eric Racine, PiPH

Historically, when someone wasn’t healthy, it was easy for others to associate blame by thinking, “It’s their own fault, they don’t take care of themselves,” or “they don’t listen to their physician.” A person’s health has long been considered a domain of individual patient accountability. This line of thinking is beginning to change.
Today we know there is […]