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 · By Judy O’Hagan

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Our Family’s Efforts

Credit: Jersey Shore Hurricane News

I’m incredibly proud to work for Sanofi, and I can think of no finer example of our company’s spirit than the many contributions and acts of kindness that followed Hurricane Sandy. In the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to join my colleagues in supporting relief efforts, and I have witnessed firsthand our teams’ camaraderie and dedication in the face of this disaster. Be it local outreach, monetary donations, or extra hours to ensure an uninterrupted supply to patients, every contribution was important and appreciated. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my coworkers for proving yet again that the “Sanofi family of businesses” truly is just that – a family.

Sanofi has a number of sites throughout the northeast, and many employees acutely felt the effects of the storm. Through it all, folks who were fortunate enough to maintain electricity opened their homes to those who were less lucky; providing a warm meal, hot shower, and a place to charge up phones. As a resource for those whose homes were hit hardest, we opened the doors of our Bridgewater offices as a shelter to employees and their families, after power was restored on November 4. Our colleagues at Merial’s New Brunswick office were less fortunate, experiencing a two week closing.

While I am saddened for the outages and destruction that made closures necessary, I am so proud of the “personal safety and family first” attitude that has been unanimously adopted throughout Sanofi. The perpetual flexibility and understanding that shaped every decision around the storm – be it acknowledging an individual’s ability to safely return to work, opening our fitness center to allow families a hot shower, or even assisting with special loan provisions and temporary housing – has been touching to see, and I am honored to associate myself with such compassionate coworkers.

In Sandy’s aftermath, our ongoing support of Children’s Health Fund has provided a rewarding opportunity to give back. Sanofi employees worked together to compile care packages with generous product contributions from Chattem and Walgreens, as well as the donations from an earlier drive. These packages were delivered to local shelters, providing storm victims essential items such as socks, wipes and diapers. Relief efforts even hit the road – the fund’s New Jersey medical mobile unit was on the scene immediately, providing care to those in the Newark area. We had a chance to peek inside the fully-equipped vehicle at a company event, and I can confirm that these units provide patients with first class care – I am so glad to see Sanofi supporting such a great initiative.

Our aviation department, through a partnership with the Eastern Regional Helicopter Council (ERHC), also volunteered to assist post-Sandy efforts with governmental and emergency relief agencies, such as the American Red Cross. Our teams put their skills into action and helped to fly badly needed supplies from a local airport to a hospital on Long Island.

As the clean-up continues, so do our volunteers – through a partnership with Jersey Cares, Sanofi employees are joining the ongoing disaster relief projects throughout the tri-state area. Their dedication is endless, as is our gratitude for their selflessness.

Finally, Sanofi and our employees assisted disaster relief efforts with contributions of every scale. Through a special program sponsored by the Sanofi Foundation for North America and AmeriGives, we are matching all U.S. employee donations dollar-for-dollar. Sanofi businesses and divisions provided medications, OTC products and vaccines to hard-hit areas through a partnership with Direct Relief International and AmeriCares. And, certainly not least, Sanofi has donated $500,000 to Governor Chris Christie’s New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and Children’s Health Fund for hurricane relief.

The Sanofi family has never been stronger, even in the face of disaster. I thank them all for their kindness and applaud their resilience.


  1. Angela Moskow

    I could not agree more that the Sanofi “Family” really stepped up to help those in need. In my 22 years of working in the corporate world, I have never witnessed a more impressive and coordinated response. Kudos to all! On a personal note, I appreciated my work colleagues and friends that showed up on my doorstep with gas for our car during the shortages and the offer to stay overnight at their home when we did not have power.

  2. Stacy Burch

    I couldn’t agree more, Angela. I’m so thankful to all our colleagues that offered help to us also. Thanks, Stacy

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