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 · By Debboe Fenemore

Speaking of Blogs…

Dear friends, employees, and pharma aficionados,

I’m Stacy Burch, your blog manager and liaison for all things Sanofi US. Welcome to Speaking of Sanofi, the new Sanofi US corporate blog!

The biopharmaceutical industry is extremely dynamic. Each day we are challenged by the possibility of change. Through discovery and advancement, innovating patient solutions, and the emergence of new pathways – bridging the gaps between our past and present – we facilitate the connection of our ideas, our actions, ourselves and our communities to the role that they play in sustaining this ever changing environment.

This blog is the manifestation of that connection and aims to deepen the bond between the process and those enacting it.

Here, you will find insights from leaders across all Sanofi divisions – their thoughts on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Over time, we will invite industry leaders to share their perspective via guest posts and interviews. And as our bloggers share their ideas, we invite you to share yours, by commenting and by engaging us via social networking sites such as Twitter.

As a company thousands strong, individual voices are often difficult to hear. We sincerely hope that you find Speaking of Sanofi to be a platform for those voices, and for your own.

I’m thrilled to lead you and to learn from you as we embark upon this journey together.

Best wishes,
Stacy Burch


  1. Lorine

    Good luck with the new blog! I like it!

  2. pharmaguy


    Good luck with the new blog! As a self-proclaimed “pharma aficionado,” I look forward to seeing interviews of employees at Sanofi talking about what they are doing and their passions. It’s not often that the world gets to know about the people behind the scenes.

    John “Pharmaguy” Mack

  3. Stacy Burch


    Thanks for following the blog. We are really excited to have it up and running. We look forward to sharing more about Sanofi and our employees. Hope all is well.

    Thanks, Stacy

  4. diegomunozj

    Good luck with this new journey!… hope that this blog can show the real feelings and directions of Sanofi´s friends, but must of all that many people participate on it.

  5. DyanBryson

    As usual, Sanofi is ahead of the pack. Keep up your leadership! But, you may want to check the Captcha process – if I ever get this reply approved it will have taken many, many tries. You want to encourage comments, right?

  6. NickMonaghan

    Hi Stacy, Good luck with the new blog! i wondered when I would see your name in lights!


  7. Stacy Burch

    Thanks, Nick. Glad to see you are following us. Hope all is well. Stacy

  8. Stacy Burch

    Dyan, Thanks for your comments. We will look immediately into the issue. We definitely encourage comments and appreciate you following the blog. Thanks, Stacy

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