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Showcasing Our Commitment to the Transplant Community at ATC

This post was authored by Bhavesh Ashar, Vice President and BU Head, US Oncology and Interim Head, Global Oncology.

At Sanofi Genzyme, we have always been a committed partner in transplant – this can be seen in both our ongoing collaborations with the community to ensure future progress in the field, and most importantly through our connections with transplant patients. As part of our presence at the upcoming 2016 American Transplant Congress (ATC), which will take place in Boston from June 11th – 15th, we will showcase this dedication by profiling one transplant patient, Lucy Maliszewski, who uses art to express the emotion behind her transplant experience.

To help bring Lucy’s story to life, we will be asking ATC attendees to participate in an activity that will ultimately reveal Lucy’s paintings and the story behind each. You can support our activity at ATC by following us on Twitter at @SanofiGenzyme and liking the Sanofi Genzyme page on Facebook. To read more about Lucy and her artwork, please visit:

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