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Sanofi Stories: The “Why” Behind the Leader

In this edition of Sanofi Stories, Sarah Jennison, from the renal field sales team, talked to us about her career and her methodology for deciding how to spend time outside of work. Read below for more!

Sarah_JennisonSoS: What is your title?

SJ: I am a Field Sales Director – I lead the renal field sales team for the Eastern part of the United States.

SoS: How did you end up working in the biopharmaceutical industry? What led you to Sanofi?

SJ: I joined a small, start-up company in the renal space, which eventually became part of Sanofi Genzyme.

SoS: What’s exciting about working in this industry as compared to others?

SJ: I have little else to compare it to in terms of work in other industries. Eighteen of my 19 years have been spent in various roles within the Biotech/Pharma industry. What I love about the industry is the opportunity to impact patients with potentially life-changing therapies and novel resources. There is always some type of ground-breaking work that is happening within this industry. I feel like it gives so many people hope.

SoS: What inspires you about your work?

SJ: I have the pleasure of helping to provide a vision for our team that is connected to our values and business goals. I am often inspired by the level of passion, talent and commitment displayed by so many who have helped to create such a successful team. As a leader, one of the most important areas of focus is related to development. Helping others to determine a plan of impact, develop on-the-job skills and stay on a path of growth connected to their business goals is the “why” behind my decision to lead.

SoS: What are you most likely doing outside of work?

SJ: I enjoy spending downtime with my husband and our dogs. I love training to run races (when the weather is decent), reading and attempting to learn how to play the guitar. I have an actual “bucket list” that usually drives some of my personal choices as to how I spend my time each year.

FUN FACT: Sarah sings loudly – car karaoke style – when she drives by herself.

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