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 · By Sanofi Admin

Imagine – Innovate – Inspire: Science Offsite Celebrates Great Science for 20th Year

This post was authored by Jim Burns, Head of North America R&D Hub for Sanofi.

Jim Burns

Jim Burns

For the past twenty years, I’ve been part of an amazing tradition where Sanofi’s scientists come together to share their research and discoveries. This annual event, known as the Science Offsite, brings together scientists from our R&D community across all therapeutic areas and stages of discovery and development.

“Imagine – Innovate – Inspire” was the theme of this year’s meeting. These three simple but important words were woven throughout the meeting as scientists exchanged ideas, presented their findings, and networked with their peers.

Elias Zerhouni

Elias Zerhouni

Many leaders from North America and Global R&D shared the stage at this year’s event including: Elias Zerhouni, President, Global R&D; Yong-Jun Liu, Global Head of Research; Jorge Insuasty, Global Head of Development; Gary Nabel, Chief Scientific Officer; and David Meeker, Executive VP, Head of Sanofi-Genzyme.

We asked participants what this year’s theme means to them. Overall, it was clear that Sanofi’s scientists are passionate about science and inspired by the work they do for patients in need of innovative medicines and solutions. They are creative, dedicated and hopeful. Their work is their calling.

From my perspective, as scientists, we must always imagine what we can do for patients. We must innovate. Innovation is not only having a great idea, but actually creating something and turning it into a tangible product. And then, we must reflect on the patients and their needs, feeling inspired to make their lives better.

As we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Science Offsite, we looked to the past but also to the future. In order to do great things for patients, we must continue to come together and share our knowledge.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the scientists – our innovators, our inspirers, our imaginers – for the work they do for patients around the world. Our scientists are the faces behind our science. They are the ones who, with unparalleled dedication, carry out our mission to improve health and, potentially, cure diseases.

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