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Keeping Creepy Cavities Away: Chattem Employees Share Tricks for Kid’s Dental Hygiene

Halloween can be a nightmare for parents of children returning from trick-or-treating with bags full of Halloween candy. At a time when children’s oral care is top of mind, we asked several parents from Chattem, Inc., our U.S. consumer healthcare division, to share their tricks for getting their kids to follow good oral health practices. Here’s what they had to say:

“When my children were small, we introduced them to good oral hygiene by first “brushing” their teeth with a “finger brush” and just water. We kept it fun by singing the “Wheels on the Bus” to ensure we were spending the right amount of time brushing. Another important first step at two years old was to find a children’s dentist office that brought a comfort level and established a level of trust for future visits.

When our kids graduated to real children’s toothpaste and mouth rinse, we selected products that were recommended by dentists and hygienists. And we make sure that one parent is always present as they brush their teeth, floss, and use mouth rinse every morning and evening. One of our sons still sings “Wheels on the Bus” as he goes through his routine!”

Heather Grantham, Director, Sales Development, Chattem

“I consistently remind my two little girls (ages 8 and 12) that their smile is one of the first features someone will notice, and we only get one set of ‘adult’ teeth. So it’s important that they keep their brilliant smiles and maintain strong, healthy teeth. That means brushing and flossing and using fluoride rinse every day. As a result, we’ve received A+ check-ups every six months.”

Jennifer Cooper, Associated Director, Chattem

“Halloween is a tough time of year for kid’s teeth with all the candy around. I limit my kids to two pieces each day – one in their lunch and one after dinner. When it comes time to brush, I pretend there are “sugar bugs” in my young daughter’s mouth. I tell her she better brush over on ‘that’ side to get them before they get away! This helps ensure she is reaching all areas of her mouth when brushing. Then, when it’s time to swish with children’s mouth rinse, I sing a song and they swish until it’s over.”

Charisse Winecki, Senior Brand Manager, GOLD BOND®, Chattem, Inc.

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