· By Eric Racine

A New Frontier of Collaboration to Improve Patient Health

Eric Racine, PiPH

Historically, when someone wasn’t healthy, it was easy for others to associate blame by thinking, “It’s their own fault, they don’t take care of themselves,” or “they don’t listen to their physician.” A person’s health has long been considered a domain of individual patient accountability. This line of thinking is beginning to change.
Today we know there is […]

 · By Judy O’Hagan

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Our Family’s Efforts

Credit: Jersey Shore Hurricane News

Credit: Jersey Shore Hurricane News
I’m incredibly proud to work for Sanofi, and I can think of no finer example of our company’s spirit than the many contributions and acts of kindness that followed Hurricane Sandy. In the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to join my colleagues in supporting relief efforts, and I have witnessed […]

 · By Debboe Fenemore

Speaking of Blogs…

Stacy Burch Headshot

Dear friends, employees, and pharma aficionados,
I’m Stacy Burch, your blog manager and liaison for all things Sanofi US. Welcome to Speaking of Sanofi, the new Sanofi US corporate blog!
The biopharmaceutical industry is extremely dynamic. Each day we are challenged by the possibility of change. Through discovery and advancement, innovating patient solutions, and the emergence of new […]